Hey baby, are you pants reflective aluminium alloy? Because i can see myself in them. ;-) Follow #robthecamera and Rebecca Tan on Dining Stars to see how the stars have aligned to bring these two together.


Rebecca Tan

Model, host and TV personality, Rebecca Tan has been photographed internationally — in New York, Miami, South Africa, Milan and throughout Asia in Taiwan, Tokyo, Osaka, Hong Kong, Beijing, Korea, Bangkok, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Born to an Australian mother and Singaporean father, Rebecca started modelling in her hometown in Melbourne at 16 yrs old but has since settled in Singapore where she was crowned Singapore’s Model of the Year in 2003 and Babe of the Year by MediaCorp in 2004. Having been in over 100 television commercials and on the cover of hundreds of magazines globally, the face of VISA and Triumph invites you to dine with her with a charming smile and cheeky wink.

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Royce Funk2 yrs ago
who's rob? so rob is the camera? tell me if i am correct
Fae Trantow2 yrs ago
This camera is so cool! Show me more
Aaron Streich2 yrs ago
Amazing, how did you make you disappear from the scene?