Rebecca & Rob wrap up the final episode of Dining Stars Singapore at Tatsuya with special guest Lincoln Wong.



Helmed by chef-proprietor Ronnie Chia, who has over 30 years of experience in Japanese culinary., Tatsuya promises the freshest sushi made seasonal produce from Japan prepared by master chefs and omakase dinners with the best ingredients the restaurant has to offer. Housed in Goodwood Park Hotel, a uniquely designed heritage building dating back to 1900, it has been a mainstay on the local dining scene for decades, serving generations of regular customers. 

Lincoln Wong

Lincoln’s awakening as a foodie happened about the same time the term was first used in print in the 80's.  He still remembers the meal that started it all at Square One, a Mediterranean restaurant owned and operated by Joyce Goldstein in San Francisco.  A student in the city, this is where he experienced some amazing meals at Stars, Fog City Diner, Tra Vigne, Chez Panise, and many, many more.

He wanted to be a chef, but that was not in the cards for him, and became an accidental banker instead, for the past nearly two and a half decades now.

His career has given him the ability to travel and taste what the world has to offer. He is however not a checklist gourmand. You won’t see him running after the latest dining fad, just because. He listens to his instincts and what his palette tells him. From his extensive travels, he brings home ideas and inspiration to his home kitchen, where the main beneficiaries of his culinary masterpieces are his friends and family. Swaying between traditional cooking to experimentation, Lincoln is always open to new food ideas and ever ready to discuss, debate, disagree and agree with fellow like-minded gourmands.

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