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Rebecca & Rob go Bibik & Baba over one of Singapore's best Peranakan restaurants with special guest Benjamin Kheng!


Candlenut / Chef Malcolm 

Candlenut showcases traditional Peranakan cuisine, featuring heavy use of shellfish and pork. Leading the team is Chef Malcolm Lee who found his calling in his Nyonya mother’s kitchen at a young age. His steadfast dedication and faith since then, have constantly guided him through decisions that pave his path of abundant opportunities to answer this calling. All the rempahs (spice pastes, the base of Peranakan dishes) are made from scratch – prepared from fresh ingredients, without MSG or preservatives – simmered for hours, just the way Popo and Mum used to make it. 

Benjamin Kheng

Benjamin Kheng is a Singaporean musician, actor, host, writer and former national swimmer. He started in the arts and entertainment industry at the age of 17 as a radio producer / presenter. In 2012, he founded local indie band, the folk-pop quartet The Sam Willows, with his sister Narelle. Benjamin’s body of work stretches beyond music, into the world of acting, starring both on stage and on screen in TV and local movie productions. An advocate for youth and social causes, Benjamin has also been invited to speak at TEDxYouth@Singapore to share his experience in overcoming depression and anxiety disorder with synaesthesia.

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