Rebecca & Rob kick off the new year at one of the best French restaurants in Singapore  with special guest Song Ho!


Nicolas Le Restaurant

Originally from south of France, Nicolas Joanny was raised up in a family of food lovers. His parents own a farmhouse where all the food ingredients are being used in their daily meals, from vegetable to poultry, and even the olive oil, are all home-produced.

Nicolas graduated from the renowned Culinary Institute in Burgundy, Chateau Chinon, at the age of 17. He’s worked in various Michelin Star restaurants throughout his illustrious career as a chef, before becoming Chef De Cuisine at his own restaurant, Le Nicolas, in Singapore in 2007. Nicolas’ style of traditional French cuisine, with great usage of products from Provence, has been very well-received, gaining multiple accolades since its inception. Using no Cream, just natural jus and emulsion. He understands and respects the natural flavors of each ingredient that he uses to create traditional seasonally changing French menu.

Despite his young age, Nicolas has already established a name in the gastronomy world, which has brought him to promotions in Ireland, China and Thailand, including the World Gourmet Festival at the Four Seasons Hotel, in Bangkok.

Song Ho

Following his graduation with a  double major  in accounting and finance from the University of Sydney in 2003, Song had a brief spell with Jones Lang LaSalle overseeing transactions across APAC, when he was headhunted to help startup Regional Investments team in Mapletree . Accomplishments include establishing Mapletree's investments and operations in Vietnam, this resulted in an active involvement in a total of US$500m in 3 investments over 4 year; while concurrently covering  Australia , Indonesia, Japan, Pakistan, Thailand,  Following his stint in the University of Cambridge, he was seconded to Singpost's internal M&A team, which cumulated in in 3 key strategic M&As across APAC; including the formation of the JV with Alibaba.
Following Singpost,  he was appointed Deputy Head of Asia at BXR Partners, a global PE outfit  headquartered out of London with 25 professionals managing over $6.0B and with over 50,000 employees in its investee companies across  globe. He helps oversee the strategy, origination, execution and monitoring of investments across APAC; allowing him intimate insights into numerous industries ranging from shrimp farming in Vietnam to Satellites to the consumer fitness industry across APAC to shale gas extraction in Alaska.. Apart from his Board appointments for investee  companies within the group,  his latest investments in a roll up strategy of over 32 tuition centers in Korea and a FMCG fund in APAC.

In his personal capacity, Song  franchised and spearheaded  the entry of Killiney  into Myanmar, where the brand has evolved and is currently a co-branded entity related to Killiney and is one of three active founders/anchors of Carvers  and Wolf Burgers.  He has also  invested and sits on the board of various  ventures including IMA Finance, a  micro financing entity  in Myanmar and  New Union an  Invoice Factoring/Crowd Funding Platform  with offices in China, Taiwan and Singapore.

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DreamTravel1 yr ago
Awesome video! I wonder do you take 360 photos often as well? And where do you share them?
I guess this is your work to taste food in different restaurants. I want to say I am good at eating too٩( 'ω' )و
Cleve Herzog1 yr ago
why is the man so quiet? the plate is almost empty