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Rebecca & Rob take their adventure to Alma by Juan Amador where they meet celebrity Chef Haikal Johari with special guest and rockstar, Olinda Cho.


Alma by Juan Amador / Chef Haikal Johari

Alma, which is Spanish for soul, makes eating precisely that: a place where not only friends and food come together, but everything it takes to transform your visit into an unforgettable experience. Mr Muhammad Haikal Johari, hailed as a celebrity chef in Bangkok, Thailand, where he was based for 10 years, was handpicked by Chef Amador, after doing a stage at Amador’s restaurant in Langen. Although a motorcycle accident last October left Chef Johari paralysed from the waist down, he has regained partial control of his body and confidently manages the daily kitchen operations from a wheelchair. His team members are his hands and legs, but he makes decisions and does tastings, to ensure that every dish has a bit of his soul. This is Sufian Zaini, Chef de Cuisine, representing him.

Olinda Cho

Olinda Cho discovered her passion for singing at the age of 8 and started singing professionally at 13. She shot to fame as one of the final 3 contestants of Singapore Idol Season 1 in 2004. A spokesperson for a weight loss treatment centre for the past 10 years, her body transformation is truly impressive. More recently she represented Singapore at China Super Vocal, previously known as The Voice China, a show that is a hit with audiences worldwide with a star-studded panel of judges such as Jay Chou. Her busy schedule includes giving vocal lessons and running talent agency with Nu Management with model-actress Sheila Sim.  

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