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On June 22, 2018, several staff from the Coastal Resources Center of the University of Rhode Island visited the Densu Estuary in Accra, Ghana to see mangrove plantings, oyster aquaculture 
and fish smoking facilities.  These new efforts and facilities are part of the USAID Sustainable Fisheries Management Project.  The local project partners shared their coastal home through a boat tour, conversation and song.  Singers are hosts and partners from the Development Action Association (DAA) and the Densu Oyster Pickers Association; Lydia Sasu of DAA leads the partnership.  SFMP Principle Investigators Brian Crawford and Don Robidue compose the visiting group along with the CRC Director and videographer, J.P. Walsh.
Polly Corkery1 mon ago
Will the fish in this river be large? I think the river does not seem to have any nutrients for fish farming.
So many people crowded in this boat to fish, this will affect the fishing action.