Demountable, temporary sport accommodation for the best judokas of the Netherlands. A remarkable hall, due to its demountable character and the short time it took to build it. Neptunus, specialist in temporary buildings, built the judo accommodation in just a few weeks. The new demountable Ruskahal with a dimension of 24 by 48 meters has three floors and houses the Dojo, a grandstand, medical rooms, shower and changing rooms and offices. This means that 2500 square meters is now available for the athletes, their support and athletes who practice a different sport. 

The Ruskahal in Papendal is among the most durable demountable buildings in the Netherlands. The building system‘Flexolution', developed and named by Neptunus,  meets stringent energy and environmental standards according to the Building Act. The three-storey property at Papendal was built in just a few weeks, after which the building was quickly equipped and furnished in accordance with the wishes and demands of Sport Centre Papendal. The hall is similar to a regular‘fixed’sports hall in terms of appearance, comfort and ease. The advantage over a regular building is however that this building can be fully dismantled  after the period of use and can be moved elsewhere: all the used materials are reusable and recyclable. Therefore this building is providing a flexible and sustainable solution to the Sport Centre Papendal. 
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