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Congratulations to Demented Brewing Company for capturing the title of Best Craft Brewery in NJ presented by NJ.com! To celebrate, grab a beer and pull up a seat at the bar with your drinking buddies, The LOUDcast, as we take you on a 360 degree virtual tasting in their hellish Tasting Room. Drink along as Tasting Manager Liz Carrasquillo supports their loyal customers, and beer host Mike Jones guides us through tasting their finest offerings on tap such as Tom Yum Bia, Scarlet Night, Double Dementia, Gluttony, Nightmare, Wrath, Vermilion, and Cafe Negro. This is as close to the real experience as you can get, we guarantee you won't want to miss it. Enjoy!
The LOUDcast1 yr ago
Hello @Mr. Sydnie Ryan, this brewery is located in Middlesex, NJ , USA, our hometown.
Where is this tavern, is it in Germany, and I want to try it