"Shot in the Caribbean, Delphine documents a camera crew filming a pod of free dolphins, the humans and animals interacting to create the footage. Dolphins live vertically, horizontally, and in depth. They live in a world without boundaries or borders—in continuous space. Thus, in Delphine, there are three kinds of bodies in space: dolphins moving through volumetric space; the sun spinning in a vacuum of black space; and then the viewer, moving through “real” space made volumetric by the artificial magenta light filling the gallery and framing the projections." – Diana Thater

Four video projectors, nine-monitor video wall, five players, and four LED wash lights; artist’s proof; dimensions variable

Art Institute of Chicago, Donna and Howard Stone New Media Fund, 2005.93

Diana Thater: The Sympathetic Imagination 
Oct 29, 2016–Jan 8, 2017
MCA Chicago - Museum of Contemporary Art 
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