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Experience what a evening at Deep River is like in virtual reality. Started by Paul and Lynn Auclair, Deep River Brewing Company is a 15bbl, 2 vessel brewhouse designed specifically for its location. The brewery is located at 700 W. Main Street in downtown Clayton, North Carolina and is known as “Johnston County’s First Legal Brewery.” Johnston County’s first legal batch of beer was produced on February 28, 2013. The brewery officially opened its door on April 6, 2013 to a sold out grand opening party with 250 people. Deep River strives to use locally grown raw materials for their brews whenever possible. 
Mark Crews11 mons ago
@Rosie Rosenbaum The location is 700 W. Main Street in downtown Clayton, North Carolina
In fact, I think this singer stood somewhere far away, she should now middle of the house,
Floy Cassin11 mons ago
@Lyla Rippin Yes, and u should say little girls. I love this sweet pics so much.
Lyla Rippin11 mons ago
That little girl is so cute!
Rosie Rosenbaum11 mons ago
I really like this place, can you tell me the exact location? Maybe there's a chance I can go here.
Wilma Kulas11 mons ago
@Talon Rowe Do u notice the father, I think he is not the one who wants to be ingored.
Talon Rowe11 mons ago
Everyone is eating, but I only focus on the woman and her three lovely babies, what a happy family.
So many beautiful women