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Created to be projected in 360 degrees this is the third film that we produced for the launch of the Poetry Movement. The film is based on the poem by Sylvia Plath « Death & Co ». It’s directed by David Lobser and explore post-natal depression.

The Josephine Hart Poetry Foundation was set up by Lord Saatchi to further the advancement of arts, culture and education, with a focus on poetry, literature and dramatic performance.

Through the Poetry Movement, The Josephine Hart Poetry Foundation wants to stand as the next logical step in terms of the way we consume verse. It will grow and develop into a creative space that encapsulates the beauty of imagination and inventiveness.
wow, the ending is meaningful!actually didn't get it?!
that's a little creepy👽!but the whole idea of the video is interesting
Kellie Brown1 yr ago
i kinda love the name,David Lobster,no offence😄😄