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We made this video deliberately unexciting because we are all busy and sometimes we need to stop and relax.  We took our new Yi 360 camera out for some cold weather testing at the picturesque Long Island Lockstation in Manotick, Ontario, Canada. The camera performed without fault in -7 Celsius with wind chill (you will notice the camera moving - it was gusting at various times and my hands were completely numb). All stitching was performed with the Yi Studio app for the Windows and edited *without* any post-processing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018.  It was shot in 5.7K, and although VeeR doesn't handle resolutions that high at the moment, it will arguably still offer superior quality over video footage shot at 4K. 
lov71 yr ago
Every peaceful thing is full of beauty. I like this video.
Seigi Media1 yr ago
@Maria Martinez We're pleased to hear that! Thank you!
Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed the video.
Ashwin Rao1 yr ago
The sky , the snow and the water, these are the most important things make me calm.
Wow, The scenery here is really beautiful