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LiWen Ang form Dance Insanity gives a beginning warm up exercise dance lesson 

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Learn with LiWen Ang & Tytus Bergstrom. 
Instead of ONE DAY, make today DAY ONE.
Tytus Bergstrom4 mons ago
@Enos Kutch glad you like watching!
Enos Kutch5 mons ago
I like to watch others dance, but I can't dance myself.
Tytus Bergstrom5 mons ago
@Matteo Keeling yeah! that's the idea!
Matteo Keeling5 mons ago
Now i can learn dancing 💃 at home!thats a progress
Tytus Bergstrom5 mons ago
@Abe Sauer yes, it take intense work to be good at it, just like most things
Tytus Bergstrom5 mons ago
@Damaris Keeling cool! thanks!
Beau Weimann5 mons ago
If dancing is not too late at 20, then I can start dancing.
Abe Sauer5 mons ago
Dancing is really hard. I once saw a little girl who was learning to dance. When she practiced, her hair was wet with sweat, as if she was in the rain just now.
Damaris Keeling5 mons ago
I can't wait to see the formal dance teaching.It's always fun to do what you like.