D.I.M.E. (Dance is My Everything) end of the school year dance party at Walker Elementary School on May 26, 2018.

D.I.M.E. was created for the children and their family. We have been bonded together creating a strong love that has touched many of hearts. Here the amazing journey begins. D.I.M.E. is a place where you escape and go to an entirely new world full of joy and love. In a world that has not enough of this, D.I.M.E. is a breath of fresh air. Each person that has been a part of D.I.M.E. or has observed what we do can feel the leadership of Marcus Brown and his desire to make a positive impact. Each class is different but the message remains the same. Our goal is to give you a space where your mind enters the freedom to imagine, create, and love. Some of my favorite classes are the one's with the younger students because that's when we humans are at our purest form. D.I.M.E. is here to remind you of that form and that it is okay to go back there and enjoy life just as much as you did when you were a child.

Learn more about D.I.M.E. at dimeempire.com
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