The Cuckooland Museum, previously known as the Cuckoo Clock Museum, is a museum that exhibits mainly cuckoo clocks, located in Tabley, Cheshire, England. The collection comprises 300 years of cuckoo clock-making history, since the very earliest examples made in the 18th to the 21st century.
The museum was set up in 1990 by brothers Roman and Maz Piekarski, who were both trained as clockmakers in Manchester from the age of 15. The museum hosts a range of Black Forest cuckoo and quail clocks, trumpeter clocks, monks playing bells and other associated musical movements.
Cuckooland has currently more than 700 cuckoo clocks on display of different styles, sizes, manufacturers and ages and it is regarded as the most important of its kind in the world.
One of the aims of the museum is to restore and preserve the most unusual, outstanding and 
unusual exemplaries to be enjoyed by future generations, as well as to contribute to the appreciation and estimation of this timepiece through its importance in horology and historic significance in Western culture. 
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