The Speyer cathedral crypt is the
largest Romanesque
Hall crypt
at all. Overall, she has a width of
35 meters and a length of 46 meters. The high of
Vault is seven meters - for a lower church
tremendous measure.
The crypt divides into four rooms, which are under the choir
space, the crossing and the transept of the cathedral. in the
Center under the crossing is a square room,
which is divided into three vaulted yokes each. The number three
stands for the divine Trinity, the square
with its four pages for the earthly (four seasons /
Cardinal points / elements). Emphasize in the ceiling area
Belt bows of alternating yellow and red sandstones
this outline. North and south of this central
Room are the cross arms of the crypt, also
divided into nine square fields.
The mighty pillars and thick outer walls of the crypt
carry the burden of the walls above and
Vault. In the east closes under the choir of the cathedral
another arm of the crypt, in a semicircular
Apse ends.
This is the oldest part of the cathedral, where construction began.
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