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Older, first episode of the 'Life & Times of Tongueless Takkie'. Where I take Takkie on a scooter tour through the countryside. 

This is an older one (ahem, 6 months) and I believe my first 360 video. Back then made with my first 360 camera, which wasn't full 360x360 but 360x220, hence the big nadir blob at the bottom.

I've now revisited the project, and stabilised the video (didn't have that when I created it).

The camera is a Pano View 360 (seen in different brandings) and has only a single lens, like the 360Fly. Looking back, it's not the best cam, but not that bad either. See for yourself and enjoy the ride!
Jesus Ramos1 yr ago
Suddenly a puppy appears,it's very happy
Jesus Ramos1 yr ago
i want to go for a ride,too