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ECUADOR 360° 3D - Impressions from our Ecuador trip in October 2017 captured in 360° 3D. A big 'thank you' goes to all the lovely Ecuadorians who hosted us, gave us directions or just helped killing some beers...

Part 1 : https://veer.tv/videos/the-otavalo-animal-market-ecuador-360-3d-ep11-vr360berlin-de-154547

Episode 12 - The Otavalo Animal Market is one of the highlights when visiting Otavalo. Make sure you go there early in the morning and choose your favourite living souvenir ;-)

The Otavalo Animal Market @ Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/NUcgg1RiAmH2

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vr360bln3 mons ago
@Shanon Schroeder yes, you want that lamb? I can ask for it....
Do people just buy and sell things on the street? Ohhhhhhh, I found a lamb standing alone in the street.