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Lava tubes, flows and rock! Not sure if the Moon Landing was filmed here or not, but the scenery is pretty awesome!

Come take a walking tour of the Indian Tunnel inside the Craters of the Moon National Reserve. This was an impressive one for me. Very long and tall! Much nicer than the cramped caves that I have done in the recent past.

If you have any places you want to go or things you want to see, leave a comment below. We will see if we can work it in.

Music used made by Dustin Leverett on the Music Maker JAM App for Android.
Byli Forni4 mons ago
cool cave! can you go a little deeper? so curious
Claire Crossley4 mons ago
why don't you grab a light or something with you? this is so dark
love caves, i always wonder if there are unknown species. 😲