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Mingle among joyful crabs on Playa Carillo, just 2km south of Samara, Costa Rica. Watch those curious little critters as they dig tunnels in the beach and filter the nutritious sand of the low tide, leaving behind little replicas of "ancient tico spheres".
Don't want to watch the whole thing? Skip to 4:30 and 9:30 for extra special moments.

ISDesigns Studio - Imagine your Creation!
interesting,which planet are you guys from?whats your purpose of your landing?:)we are kind human being,dont hurt us @ISDesigns Studio
@Hannah Pouros IV We are not from this world. We observe and study humanistic behaviors and the worlds they live in from our specifically engineered BotPods. The BotPods allow us to remain mostly invisible to human visual frequencies. When discovered by chance, the BotPods mimic objects more familiar to the species, and so remain functional and our collected data safe.
this video have a weird vision,am i in a eggshell that only can see the world by the gap?