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You never know how interesting stories go on in regulary places. First it seemed a normal Italian seaside in the middle of the summer, but under the water, only a few metres from people on the beach, I found small crabs running and hiding from swimmers...

I found two of them near each other. One of them instead of running away from the camera attackes it, then he meets his fellow and starts to fight him.

Look around on the seabed and try to follow this small crab during his adventures till he finally hides under the sand. :)

Fortunatelly, no crabs was harmed in the making of this video...by human hands (and I hope they didn't hurt each other)

Location: Europe, Adriatic sea, Italy, near Rodi Garganico
Video by: http://www.ngsstudio.hu/

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Xu Yunlong4 mons ago
Hahahaha interesting! They move so fast and one drill into sand in the end
This is cool to see. How does one win though?!
LysmaticStudios7 mons ago
Should of added epic music to this
LysmaticStudios7 mons ago
Jessie👻7 mons ago
haha very interesting! it'll be better if you stabilize the camera😀
funny creatures! their fight is fierce!