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This video is produced by Conde Nast VR Innovation Center and the Norway Tourism Bureau, in which eight pretty fabulous viewpoints of Norway have been selected.Oslo,Lofotem, Alesund,Sogne Fjord,Bergen,Flam,Polar park,Tromso,the eight sites above have created the magnificent natural human landscape of our vedio.康泰纳仕虚拟现实创新中心与挪威旅游局合作,选取了挪威八个极具震撼力的地方进行取景摄制。挪威首都奥斯陆,峡湾门户城市卑尔根,弗洛姆铁路,松恩峡湾,新艺术主义小镇奥勒松,罗弗敦群岛及山妖峡湾,纳尔维克北极动物园,特罗姆瑟这八个地点组成了我们这段视频瑰美壮丽的自然人文风光。