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Things got really rowdy when I filmed my show in 360. I found the best moments for you to watch rapid fire :) Subscribe to make sure you catch the next time I do a 360 show!→http://goo.gl/aoxKQT
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Hi. I'm Ali Spagnola. I created the concert that's also a drinking game. The Power Hour Concert. I finally filmed the experience in 360 for you. Like... I posted a video of the whole darn show and it was over an hour long. I know a lot of you would rather have a video of just the best moments throughout the night. So that's what I made! 

No but for real, things got weird. If you're watching a scene and you don't know why I added it to this video, you should probably look around because there's something rad going on behind you.

踩扁马粪1 yr ago
wonderful movie
Daain Nadeem1 yr ago
ove the Aha..go moments!just take shot!
Aisha Paul1 yr ago
Only one confused part ,the guy suddenly lay down and then disappeared in next scene