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Be "teleported" in 360° in Club med Resort Bintan Island in Indonesia. Discover heavenly surroundings, visit the resort, experience amazing sports and activities and meet the lovely GO team. 

As the pioneer of all-inclusive resorts, the value of a Club Med vacation is unparalleled. With all-day gourmet dining, premium beverages, and world-class sports and activities, guests of all ages will discover an incredible vacation in the world's most breathtaking locations.

Discover Club Med all-inclusive holidays: http://www.clubmed.com

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Lucie R6 mons ago
I saw these staff waved to me, hello, do you still hire people here?
Abdellah Karma6 mons ago
Never know Indonesia is so beautiful
Samuel Fabián6 mons ago
money is so good, I myself should make money so as to enjoy this kind of life.
котик6 mons ago
This video makes me feel refreshed, there is such a wonderful place in the world, thank you for sharing.