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One of the many car shows I go to.  I post more on my YouTube channel AGeekyGuy. Clean Culture Import Expo 2018 - NJ Season Opener April 29 in
MetLife Stadium parking.  Sorry the audio is not the best but that is what happens when you have so many cars blasting whatever they want over the DJ.  This show as a mess as you can see.  Some beautiful cars but also the worst unorganized show I've ever attended.  A huge fire hazard allowing cars to block isles, VIP were parked all over since no one was directing parking, only 3 port o potties and 1 food truck for the 1000s of people.  I only recorded half the parking lot.
Awesome video guys ! we just followed you , take a look to our channel and follow us :)
Elmore Brown2 mons ago
The black sports car at the beginning of the video attracted me very much. Although the organization was a bit confusing, it still saw a lot of cars. It was still excellent.
Else Waters2 mons ago
Look at the sky here, the white clouds seem to fall from the sky. Maybe this is the effect of clean culture.
Wow, these cars are really cool, and suddenly finding the auto show is also an interesting activity.