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  The California State Fair has a full lineup of performing artists. There's a little something for everyone, but there is also one performance you've probably never seen; and it involves acrobatic pole dancing and a stage mounted on a bicycle.

It's called "The Spin Cycle" and it's the latest contraption built by the performance group Cirque Mechanics.

"We've had three different theatrical productions that have toured around the country and the world," said performer Zion Lashua.

Cirque Mechanics is a unique performance that combines odd machinery with acrobatics. Some of their devices have a lot of moving parts and they are all human powered. It takes three acrobats to control and perform on the Spin Cycle. One person climbs on a 12-foot pole while two people pedal the small stage.

"Either I pedal slow and we go right or he speeds up and we go left," said performer Greg McElroy.

The Spin Cycle was specifically designed for street performances, but if you ask acrobat Ariel Mouser, it's not a smooth ride.

"The pole can be a little wobbly on the top, but it's surprisingly stable," Mouser said.

The Spin Cycle gets a lot of looks as it makes its way around the fair. If you want to see the performance, Cirque Mechanics roams the California State Fair every day from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
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