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Chromatica is a Virtual Reality experience that revolves around music, colors and love. Sofia lives in a black and white world, a rare disease made her incapable of seeing the beauty of colors. She spends her days reading poetry books and visiting museums until one day her monocromatic stillness is shattered by the arrival of a new neighbor: Vincent, a pianist capable of making her see colors again through his music. The beauty of this cognitive journey becomes a fusion between two souls, in an eternal dance.
8Production9 mons ago
@Yui Ishikawa We're happy that you liked it. Sadly, the previous version didn't have the audio. You can hear here the right version: https://veer.tv/videos/chromatica-141897
Yui Ishikawa9 mons ago
Lovely story!
Girl Fun10 mons ago
It is true that our lives will become very boring without color.
Pauu Rosano10 mons ago
To be honest, watching with VR, I feel like I'm a passerby sitting next to them.
PoZiTiVhIk Play10 mons ago
Every love story is so beautiful and romantic.
It's like a dream that was supposed to be quiet but then the whole world of music became colorful.
tomekkk10 mons ago
Music is the most beautiful decoration, it can make the whole world colorful.