Tempelhof was designated as an airport by the Ministry of Transport on 8 October 1923. The old terminal was originally constructed in 1927. In anticipation of increasing air traffic, the Nazi government began a massive reconstruction in the mid-1930s. While it was occasionally cited as the world's oldest operating commercial airport, the title was disputed by several other airports, and is no longer an issue since its closure.

The Festival of the giant kites took place on the Tempelhofer Flugfeld from 11 am to 8 pm. There are regular kite demonstrations, stunt flights from world and European champions, air duel in the air as well as interesting information about kite flying. For the first time, the exhibition of historical dragons is worth seeing. It takes visitors into the past and gives an amazing insight into the tradition of kite flying. (Source: berlin.de)

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Micaela1 yr ago
It is like the end of the world, where the sky and the land are connecting.
Angel Dark1 yr ago
It is so beautiful here that I can touch the sky with my hand