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It is a movie just walking the underground gait space early.
It is on the way to Sapporo station to Odori Park.
@Dina Cole I am sorry, what does it mean? Where? If so, it is the underground gait space in the center of Sapporo city in Hokkaido, Japan.
Adele Mosciski4 mons ago
@IENOBU -promotion design- Yes, most of people will choose this place to stay. We all like warm space.
Dina Cole4 mons ago
which mall is this
@Tre Ernser II I agree. There are many people who visit not only for moving but also for shopping and taking a break. It is snowing on the ground and it is cold, but it is not snow here, it's a proper temperature.
Tre Ernser II4 mons ago
There were so many people here. But they were not in a hurry. I can see it from the vid.
@Jakob Walsh Shopping is fun. But I do shopping exclusively on Amazon. Focusing on camera equipment.
@Earl Stiedemann It is not a shopping mall but an underground passage connecting main stations in Sapporo. It is about 1 km in length. There is an entrance to the underground store of the building which is continued in that section. There is a space for events, where concerts, fresh markets and handmade markets are held.
@Parker Bernhard It was good. I would like to upload more videos that you can experience Sapporo.