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The World's largest Weekend Market with a crazy 15,000 stalls. Literally anything and everything is available at this market, even from the legal to the 'not so legal'. The market is mahoosive, but it is arranged into relatively coherent sections. Smack in the middle is the clock tower which was a handy landmark and helps you keep your bearings.
More details at ashblagdon.com/chatuchak-weekend-market/
Ash Blagdon3 mons ago
@Kellie Brown Each stall is different really, some look as though they've been there a while gathering dust and others look brand new. All the foods are freshly prepared in front of you. I always go by, if its cooked or has to be peeled then its fine.
Kellie Brown4 mons ago
Is everything sold in this market clean? I'm a little skeptical.
Lawson Anderson4 mons ago
So many people hanging out there. It seems so popular.
Ash Blagdon4 mons ago
@Elvie McClure Yes it's only Saturday & Sundays as the full market, its smaller other days of the week.
Tiara Labadie4 mons ago
@Linnie Herzog I really hope that there will be such a market near my home.
Elvie McClure4 mons ago
Is this market only available on weekends?
Linnie Herzog4 mons ago
You can buy almost anything you want in this market.