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WE THE PEOPLE is a 360 documentary series currently in production, showing how Americans from all walks of life unite and stand up to a government that is not working for them.

Through the development of our series, we hope to shed light on how we the people can work to shape our government and enact change on a local, community, and national scale.

This sequence showcases a few preview clips of our experiences at the Trump Inauguration as well as Charlottesville, VA. While our project is still very much a work in progress - we invite you to follow us along our journey and get involved by contacting us at the email below.

Starring & Shot By Glenn Cantave 
Directed, Produced & Edited By Danielle Pruitt
Produced By Rebecca Wyzan

~website coming soon~
Contact Us: wethepeoplevr@gmail.com
Instagram @wethepeoplevr
We should strive for our own happiness and rights, come on.
Cheyenne Veum3 mons ago
I hope your efforts will pay off. Incompetent governments should not exist.
No hate, no fear. You r the truly soldiers. Nut I do not like this kind of mess.
Lavada Hudson3 mons ago
we have a voice for ourselves, WE THE PEOPLE!!!