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Enjoy this 360° tour through the Robotics Innovation Facility (RIF) at CEA List in Paris-Saclay. CEA (Commissariat à l’Énergie Atomique et aux Énergies Alternatives) is one of the leading French institutes for research, development and innovation. The LIST institute is committed to technological innovation in digital systems. Its Research & Development activities - driven by major economic, societal and industrial challenges - encompass four main themes: advanced manufacturing; embedded systems; ambient intelligence; and healthcare, including radiotherapy and imaging technologies.
The Robotics Innovation Facilities funded by ECHORD++ offer access to high-tech robotic equipment and expertise at zero risk. Check www.echord.eu/rif for more information.
ECHORD++1 yr ago
@baiq tary No, it's a real facility. Check www.echord.eu/rif for details
baiq tary1 yr ago
I see a lot of machine arms. is this a science fiction video?