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Naturist Society Swan Reef is an association of, primarily families, which in the Community to exercise naturism, which is a lifestyle in harmony with nature. The association was founded on September 4 1957. The business is characterized by communal nudity and is intended to encourage self-esteem, respect for others and for the environment.

The association's mission is to promote social contacts between different generations, nationalities and cultures through social, recreation and sporting activities. Activities must be exercised in view of the family as the basic unit. We also strive to create environments where the practice of communal nudity unabashedly can be conducted. http://www.scandinavianaturist.org/Svanrevet/node/22  (The images are not captured in the nudist camp with respect to the personal Privacy, the Naturist beach is near 
where the images were taken. This is an ordinary beach for non naturists )
Mervin Koss2 yrs ago
I thought I would see the people naked walking around according to the intro. So what is your guys' main activity?