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Step inside the world of Catan like never before in this 360-Degree preview video, captured from the Catan VR™ alpha. 

Catan VR is an immersive take on Klaus Teuber’s landmark title that revolutionized tactical modern board gaming, set to release on Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR for Holiday 2017. 

True to the classic, but optimized for virtual reality, Catan VR allows tabletop fans and new players alike to experience the best-selling board game in a fresh, fully-immersive format. Whether taking on other players around the world, or playing against Catan personalities, players can watch the island come to life in VR for the first time, with beautiful in-game environments and cross-play functionality. Created in conjunction with Klaus and Benjamin Teuber, along with the Catan and Asmodee Digital teams, Catan VR brings everything board gamers love to the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR. The fun begins at launch, with additional VR platforms to follow.

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rosa nada1 yr ago
@xsdmke cmf Man I got you back. That vid is not that suitable for this kind of vid making but it's super smart.
xsdmke cmf1 yr ago
Inside the world of Catan was a great view,better with veer-editor.