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My place of birth Friedberg is well known for hosting Elvis Presley from 1958 to 1960 while he was stationed in Germany. However, the city also has a long history of carnival parades and attracts thousands of visitors every year along Kaiserstraße, the main axis of the city. Unlike in previous years, 2018 offered great weather for a parade. I have added a few subtle effects to this video. Enjoy!

The video was taken #upintheair with an extension stick 7m above the ground, as drones are prohibited at gatherings.
vrlover7 mons ago
@blow it like a flute i get what u r saying i am the same way
Ashleigh Sercu8 mons ago
@Sascha Endlicher, M.A. Hahahha, I know, he means your video is so cool. I know a bit about Chinese.
@blow it like a flute Parades are more fun in the summer or at least with warm weather. I hope you enjoyed the parade, as you didn't have to feel the cold in VR. ;-)
@wndcrs Yup, actually for the first time in years they were lucky with the weather! :)
It is a pity that there is no such beautiful parade in the place where I live.
wndcrs8 mons ago
It's really nice weather, even god wants you to be happy.