Experience 360º of the show Carcaça, presented on 9/21/2015 at Praça Rui Barbosa, during the Sesc Biennial of Dance 2015 in the city of Campinas-SP.
It can be viewed on any operating system that uses Google Chrome or Firefox as a browser.
On mobile: The updated YouTube App is required.

* * * CARCASS * * *

In the center of the square is a carcass of a car in an advanced state of deterioration. Around you, the performers interact with each other and with the audience. These are the basic ingredients of the Carcaça intervention, which has been worked on by the Strondum group since 2010. The result is strong impact images.
The destruction process of the car and the very presence of its crumpled metallic structure on the scene have a subversion of the original symbology of automobiles, linked to comfort and material progress.
Founded and directed by the choreographer Cláudio Henrique Eurípedes de Oliveira in the city of Uberlândia, Minas Gerais, the Strondum group began its activities in 2003, aiming to work on the frontier between spontaneous action and scenic elaboration.

Art Direction:
Cláudio Henrique Eurípedes de Oliveira and Eduardo L. Paiva
Choreography: Cláudio Henrique Eurípedes de Oliveira
Cast: Andressa Boel, Cláudio Henrique Eurípedes de Oliveira, Eduardo L. Paiva, Lucas Borges, Lucas Dilan, Mariane Araújo and Nádia Yoshi

* * * VIDEO 360º * * *

Production: 360vision

Team: Douglas Waragai, Luiz Fernando Coury, Tiago Zanchi and Thiago Toshio

Acknowledgments: Antonio Celso and Fernando Bisan
This is definitely a very expensive art activity because it costs a car.
It was the first time I had ever seen such a strange dance. It was so shocking to me.