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Telescopes are high technology scientific instruments which collect light from distant celestial objects. With these noble instruments humans managed to dive into the deep space and collect valuable scientific information about the formation, life and death of planets, stars and galaxies. All this knowledge helps us to understand how nature works in the large scale and determines our place in the magnificent Cosmos.
In this 30 min fulldome documentary, the Greek director Theofanis Matsopoulos, describes in a simple and understandable way, how telescopes work, their historical evolution and also travels  the audience to some of the most important observatories in the world. The  immersive experience of the documentary is  breathtaking , due to the extensive use  of real 4k fulldome video footage of the observatories and telescopes.
it is so far from us but we can see it clearly ,can't believe my eyes
if we work hard enough and one day we will finally tell what it is!
Selin Anna1 mon ago
it is so helpful ,i always wanna learn something about the great universe
Allison Tang1 mon ago
nature is wonderful and amazing ,i don't think we can completely figure out
Very Good to know how it works
This video is so very helpful, Thanks !
요맨요맨1 mon ago
Is VR cinema like this really exists ? The existing telescope cinema is not using VR techs
And the starlight part is just super super gorgeous
What's the music ? I like this classic music a lot
Emma Herbert1 mon ago
😍IT is so so so beautiful !i want to take a photo and put it on my ceiling