PatriA (Patrimonio Abierto) promueve y 
difunde el patrimonio cultural a través de la tecnología.

3°Capítulo: "Sala Claustro"

Ariel (Guía del Museo) nos lleva en un recorrido en realidad virtual a conocer 
la historia de éste espacio patrimonial ubicado en pleno centro de la ciudad. 

La institución celebra sus 50 años. Asentado en uno de los claustros 
más antiguos de la ciudad, el museo presenta una de las colecciones 
de arte religioso más importantes de América del Sur.

Agradecemos a:
Celina Haffort (directora)
Ariel Bustos Bonvecchio (Guía)
Daniela Bobbio (gestión)
Municipalidad de Córdoba
Arzobispado Córdoba

Más información:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/museotejeda/
Twitter: @MuseoTejeda


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PatriA (Open Heritage) seeks to promote and
disseminate cultural heritage through technology.

3rd Chapter: "Cloister Room"

Ariel (Museum Guide) takes us on a journey in virtual reality to know
the history of this patrimonial space located in the heart of the city.

The institution celebrates its 50th anniversary. Seated in one of the cloisters
oldest in the city, the museum presents one of the collections
of the most important religious art in South America.

We thank:
Celina Haffort (director)
Ariel Bustos Bonvecchio (Guide)
Daniela Bobbio (gestion)
Municipality of Córdoba
Archbishopric Córdoba

More information:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/museotejeda/
Twitter: @MuseoTejeda


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Circuito Abierto Foundation
"a panorama of the union between art and technology ..."
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O PatriA (Open Heritage) procura promover e
divulgar o patrimônio cultural através da tecnologia.

3º capítulo: "Quarto do claustro"

Ariel (Guia do Museu) nos leva a uma jornada na realidade virtual para conhecer
a história deste espaço patrimonial localizado no coração da cidade.

A instituição celebra o seu 50º aniversário. Sentado em um dos claustros
mais antigo da cidade, o museu apresenta uma das coleções
da arte religiosa mais importante da América do Sul.

Celina Haffort (diretor)
Ariel Bustos Bonvecchio (Guia)
Daniela Bobbio (gestion)
Município de Córdoba
Arcebispado Córdoba

Mais informação:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/museotejeda/
Twitter: @MuseoTejeda

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Circuito Abierto Foundation
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Shari Brown1 yr ago
I like the thing on the wall like the window, I like the shape very much.
You are wellcome. Its special important in case of religious content. In regular near all my content and if it appears stupid is certified. See my little shoping trailer. Shopping i can not make a video, because got no permission by shop owner. Also selfie is not allowed by law at every place. But outside the shop its allowed as long no other person comes in picture. So at night i can legal make my provoking shopping tour. Anyways I got a little master photo. Its the lonely lady. in google maps it got after on day more than 3000 views. From quality its not good. But it make attention. But relegious materials need intensive personal review. Even its a museum. Greetings from Germany Bochum. Just one tip. Wenn you make yours little clips here for veer use the Veer editor even if it crash and put the videos to Streetview and local maps. 2-3 Comments thatfor the location with more than 200 words and additional the info that you make a little film placed ar veer and you will see what happens. 100 Photos will bring you in 2 months arround 100000 views i think. With the chance you will have a lot of followers that regular look only for yours content. 🙏
@Daniela Tocan Thank you very much Daniela for your comment. It helps us to develop day by day. Greetings from Córdoba. :)
I did delete today religios content from veer because its no protection there. one comment was enough for me to delete. Take care. Was a organ played by the Paris Louvre organ player.