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One of the BEST parts about Camp Barnabas is camper arrival! You are invited to take a front seat and witness the joy and excitement firsthand via our 360 video.

Camp Barnabas is a unique ministry based in Missouri dedicated to providing Christian camping experiences to individuals with special needs and chronic illnesses, along with their siblings. We exist to offer life-changing experiences to campers and to the people who serve them. To make camp possible, we team up with groups and individuals all across the nation to match up each person one-on-one with our campers. Camp is more than an experience. Lives are changed for everyone involved.

Learn more about Camp Barnabas at www.campbarnabas.org.
I want to be friends with the girl driving in the picture.
Really boring to the extreme
SUE LEE1 yr ago
Thanks for sharing the video.
What are they doing?