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Take a visit to the remodeled Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires. We take a look at the changes that have been done to the plaza and talk about it (Audio in Spanish)

Visitamos la remodelada Plaza de Mayo en Buenos Aires. Vamos a ver los cambios que hicieron y a contarles un poco lo que cambió.
@Daniela Braun you can see how the square looked like using street view. Just search for "Plaza de Mayo" in Buenos Aires and they have images showing how it used to be before the modifications. Also you can check my Youtube Channel dedicated to Buenos Aires' history and watch a video I made showing all the changes the square received since 1854. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgLiuy5j0MU
Daniela Braun6 mons ago
This is a rebuilt square. Suddenly I want to see what the square used to be like.