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Welcome to our virtual tour of Butcher and Tonic, Lancaster (in Stunning 4K and in 360 degrees).

Following on from Aprils refurbishment: the Butcher and Tonic has managed to impact Lancaster as a strong contender amongst the finer dining restaurants across Lancashire. 

The bar offers a selection of over 80 Gins and 11 Tonics, a wide range of Wines and Beers, Real Ales and Guest Ciders to say the least.

Aside from the varieties of the much-loved gins and tonics, The Butcher and Tonic offers a superb menu variety which displays some of the finest meat in Lancashire - a lovely treat for the meat eater. 

With plenty of space, it's a place to be, pretty much anytime. (I've heard the lunchtime menu is fantastic).


If you like this tour, like the video for us! :)

Ayla Raquel1 yr ago
love the archtecture and design style out there.
Allison Tang1 yr ago
I think that's a really nice place to eat.