Have you ever wished you could start a hike just by jumping on the subway? For urban dwellers like me, access to to mountains used to mean hours of driving. But in Seoul, South Korea, it's simply what you do. 
Hi there, I'm Ginna and I want to share with you the most famous mountain in Seoul- Bukhansan. "Buk" means North, "Han" is the name of the Korean people, and "San" means mountain. Buk Han San.
During a brisk weekend in November, we ventured out to to the mountain. In America, I would call the action of following paths up a mountain a "hike", but in Korea they call it a "climb", sometimes even a "rock climb". Can you see reason for this difference in words?

I often think about that term "climbing" instead of hiking when I'm in Bukhansan simply because it touches upon the metaphor of the mountain. You know, how the journey is about the climb, not reaching the top?  Whatever the metaphor is, I hope one day you'll have a chance to explore these peaks just as we have. 

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I suddenly found that the mountains were different everywhere, and these mountains were the classic Asian mountains.