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Want to build a career in the construction industry? The Learning Partnership gives you a tour of the workplace of Bird Construction, a leading general contractor in Canada.

Since 1920, Bird Construction has been providing construction services to clients in a variety of industries, including commercial, institutional, residential, industrial and civil sectors. With offices coast-to-coast, Bird Construction employs approximately 2,000 people for a variety of jobs, including construction estimation, site supervision and production management.

Careers showcased: 

• Site Superintendent - http://bit.ly/2efFRHu
• Production Manager - http://bit.ly/2jvswuF 
• Estimator - http://bit.ly/2iK0Txu

Learn more about Take Our Kids to Work Day on The Learning Partnership's website at http://www.thelearningpartnership.ca. Join the conversation on Twitter with the #KidstoWork hashtag and by following @TLPCanada.
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Your video gave me a lot of inspiration.
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It's very cold in winter of Canada.
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Our future depends on ourselves.
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Great science and technology