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This is my first gear 360 slideshow music clip. It's more like a small sight seing tour than a psychedelic Bug Experience as "Edgy Badge".  I composed the song a few years ago on a train ride on my Galaxy S2 with Caustic 3.
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nice bay🏄🏊🏄the houses are so organized,what a pleasure
MacMan1 yr ago
watching the whole design of the city is such a big enjoyment.
must admit it is really really beautiful.✌ definitely gonna visit
Bug Lense1 yr ago
@Marlen Torres Hi Marlen, thanks for your comment. Of course using video would be nicer. But it depends on what you want and what you can. With my gear360 using video would reduce the resolution by half. In fact I have made small video clips of each place but compared to the photos they look really bad. I wanted the best resolution, cause in VR it makes a huge difference. I was more interested in a detailed surrounding than on the movement. So I did it this way ;)
you can make a viedo and speed up instead of those showing us those picture!