Extreme Precision
Breman Machinery B.V. has the experience to make your wishes become reality. Our team of 130 well-experienced employees have the knowledge to create workpieces of extreme sizes with maximum precision. We have a good record of projects for Oil and Gas companies, Mechanical Engineers, Aerospace companies and Industrial firms. They see us a partner in the construction of 
machines and the implementation of projects. We do not turn down any challenge. 

The  welders of high-quality steel, like S460-S690, Duplex etc, are qualified by Lloyd’s Register or DNV for all welding positions. With 30 milling, boring and turning machines we have the possibility to offer unique services. Our largest boring machine has a range of X=20.500, Y=7.000 and Z=1.500 and the largest turning machine can handle a length of 16.000 mm. Our preservation department can protect your projects with different painting systems. The workshops in Genemuiden have a surface of 21.000 meters with a height of 25 meters. The crane capacity is up to 250T. Our location is beside open water, which means we have a direct connection to the international ports. 

High quality is one of our most important standards. 
We work according ISO9001, ISO3834-2, EN1090-1 and VCA**.
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