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BREATHE is an exploration of the dystopia we live in- of a world that is knowingly destroying the one thing every living bodies need to survive– AIR. Air pollution is one of the leading cause of respiratory and other diseases among children – and while we know what leads to air pollution (burning dirty coal and dirty fuel for transportation) we all continue to ignore it.  Without clean air, there is no future for India.

[BREATHE is a film by Quicksand Design Studio supported by Purpose]
@Lorenza Kemmer I hope you never have to. Thanks for watching the video :)
@Elisabeth Herman Not if we all start doing what we can to make the air around us cleaner and breathable. The situation undoubtedly is scary but there's still hope. Thanks for watching the video :)
@Brooklyn Realizing the problem is the first step towards eliminating it. Thanks for watching our video :)
After watching this video, we hope to contribute to the elimination of air pollution.
Suddenly, I am afriad that we need money to buy fresh air in the future.
Lorenza Kemmer7 mons ago
I've been through the smog, and I don't want to go through it again.