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In this video, we use the 360º technology to show the Bosch Leveling Laser Tool in work right at the construction site. This way, it's easier to understand how it's used in reality, by being there yourself. Enjoy!
kappa1 yr ago
how much does it cost,💦i am planning on retrofit my room.
MacMan1 yr ago
cool❗❗❗that helps a lot if we wanna get a straight line!
@ららら〜コッペパン It is, isn't it? Wish we could live longer to see where it gets us! Thank you for watching!
@Natalka Prudilova Hello, Natalka! With the Bosch Laser tool, it's easier to get an instant straight line in every direction. As simple as it may look, it makes the work a lot faster, eliminating old rudimentar ways of doing it, which would be done point by point, measured by hand, not always achieving the perfect straight line. Our video is meant to show how easy it is to use the tool when you see it for yourself. Thank you for watching and making a healthy discussion! :)
i still don't get the point.can't understand how it works
the power of technology!stunning!so much easier for me to understand!