Bois Jacques: A virtual walk by Marcel Bahnen, ImageworX.nl
Join me during this 360º immersive walk in Bois Jacques, Foy, Belgium. Please watch in HD and with headphones for the best experience.

Bois Jacques: 
On December 18, 1944, ‘E’ Company of the 506th PIR 101st Airborne Division US Army dug their foxholes in the Bois Jacques Woods as part of the defense of Bastogne City that was soon to be surrounded by several enemy divisions. The circumstances were dreadful with constant mortar, rocket and artillery fire, snow fall, temperatures below -18 Farenheit at night, with little food and ammunition. The field hospital had been captured so little medical help was available. On December 24th, the ‘E’ Company position was attacked at dawn by about 45 enemy soldiers. The attack failed and ‘E’ Company held their position with one casualty against 23 of the enemy.
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