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http://www.e-hoi.de/ presents you a new video!
The Cruise Norwegian Cruise Line has a new fleet member: the beautiful Norwegian Bliss.

Take a look into the most interesting public spaces on board of this new NCL cruise ship! Discover the main attraction, the Go-Kart track on the top of the ship.
All routes and prices (in German) for cruising the Norwegian Bliss you find here: https://www.e-hoi.de/kreuzfahrt-schiffe/norwegian-bliss-kreuzfahrten/schiffsdaten-1014.html
@Daniela Braun Hi Daniela, indeed a beautiful ship with a lot of entertainment. They often have specia offers!
Daniela Braun4 mons ago
What a luxury this ship is! My god, I only hope that one day I can also enjoy life on the boat.