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A short video of a Japanese barista preparing coffee.

My friend recommended me to visit Blue Bottle Coffee at Aoyama for 2 things mainly- get a coffee cup for him and enjoy the ambience of the cafe itself. The cafe was tucked away from the busy streets and located on the second floor. At first I thought it's just a hyped up place where people-mainly foreigners- take photos/videos to share on their Snapchat or IG Somehow I managed to get a cup of single origin cappuccino made from Guatemalan Coffee beans and a lemon cake to go with it... Man I would say that was the best cappuccino I've ever had and the cake made it a perfect combo! The staff were very friendly and one of the waiter even offered me a cup of water after I had finished my coffee. I would say it's a perfect place to unwind during the chilly winter weather. Or it could be your third place like any other cafe! Shot on Feb 2018

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